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The number and value of grants are at the discretion of the Trustees, having regard to the number of applicants and the funds available. The Trustees have the right to revoke an award if the applicant fails to take up or continue a course or opportunity or if his or her performance on a course is unsatisfactory. They also have the right to review a grant in light of an applicant's changed financial circumstances.

Annual Educational Grants


In any year that funds permit, grants are awarded to individual young people to support them in their studies. Such annual grants are awarded for educational purposes only and could be to support the beneficiaries in their studies at any school, college or university; for travel in the U.K. or abroad to pursue studies; or for the study of music or other arts or sport.

Applications for annual educational grants should be made after 1st May 2024 with a closing date of 30th June 2024.

Individual Opportunity Grants

Where unforeseen opportunities arise the Trustees may award occasional or specific grants to people under the age of 25 who meet the qualification with regard to residency and who are in need of financial assistance :

  • to enable them to travel, in this country or abroad, to follow their education

  • to take advantage of special educational opportunities

  • to follow specific studies in Music, other Arts or Sport

  • to assist with providing outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books

  • to enable beneficiaries on leaving school, university or any other educational establishment to prepare for and to enter a profession, trade or calling

Application for any such grant should be made on the appropriate form as soon as the need is known.

Voluntary Charitable Organisations

Subject to availability of funds, the Foundation may be able to offer financial support to any Voluntary Charitable Organisation in the Ancient Parish the objects of which include the education of persons under the age of 25 years. This may be through recreational and leisure activities which develop their physical, mental and moral capacities and improve their conditions and quality of life.

Any such grants are normally considered at the same time as Educational Grants for individuals and awarded on the basis of the school year. Letters of application should therefore be with the Clerk to the foundation before 30th June 2024. Letters should identify the base for the Organisation's work, outline the nature of the activities involved and the approximate number of young people participating from the Ancient Parish. If this is the first application from your organisation, please give full details of your organisation and include a copy of your latest accounts.

Please note that the Trustees' decisions are final and they are not required to give reasons for such decisions.


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